Referrals to Legal Specialists


The Tough Decisions

Making the decision to refer your clients to outside counsel can often be difficult and seem self-defeating. Gum, Hillier & McCroskey is a boutique firm practicing in highly specialized areas of law. We appreciate the risk you take when referring your clients to outside attorneys, and respect the role you play as primary counsel to your clients. We can assist you in obtaining lasting resolutions for your clients without jeopardizing your client relationships. Referral of your clients to the specialists in family law and bankruptcy at Gum, Hillier & McCroskey could be the best evidence of your advocacy to them in their most trying times. Howard Gum, David Hillier or Patrick McCroskey will take the time you need to answer any questions you may have about the services they can provide you and your clients.

In referring your clients to the family law specialists at Gum, Hillier & McCroskey, you can rest assured that we utilize mediation as a tool to resolve Family Law issues. We have found various forms of alternative dispute resolution to be increasingly useful in resolving some or all of the issues presented in marriage dissolution cases, and have vast experience in arbitration, mediation, and neutral evaluation. In those cases where some form of ADR is inappropriate or unsuccessful, Mr. Gum and Mr. McCroskey bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the trial of these issues. We are first and foremost trial lawyers.

Dave Hillier is a legal specialist in bankruptcy law who served as Trustee to the United States Bankruptcy Court for more that 30 years. Dave has spent his entire career helping people find solid financial ground to build new lives upon. A large portion of Dave’s bankruptcy practice revolves around families financial distress. He is keenly aware of the additional emotional trials that deterioration in a relationship can have on financial insecurity and the causal relationship between the two.

Mediation and Arbitration

Mediation and Arbitration services are offered by all of the lawyers in our firm, in the area of family law and in cases where complex financial issues exist. Dave Hiller focuses a significant portion of his practice on the mediation of these complex financial matters. Dave’s demeanor and affability brings an element of calm to emotionally charged disputes, and he is skilled in helping your clients see the difference between the important elements for their consideration, and the lesser arguments that restrict forward movement. Dave is adept in helping people to move out of their individual stories and into resolution. He has mediated more than 600 such cases.

For more information about the Mediation & Arbitration Practice at Gum, Hillier & McCroskey, PA, visit our Conflict Resolution section.