Complex Divorce

Complex divorce dealing with professional practices, closely held family business, large estates and valuation of marital assets. These cases are more complicated, or layered, than issues surrounding divorces where neither spouse owns a business, irrespective of the parties’ desire to cooperate. Complex divorce matters require sophisticated legal knowledge and experience. This is especially true when elements of your divorce include:

  • closely held family business, professional partnerships or other assets requiring valuation;
  • business entity ownership, real estate, highly valued collections, and employee contracts and benefit plans;
  • financial holdings requiring detailed forensic review, or when the character of the property is in question;
  • assessment and evaluation of debt distribution, intangible property and tax implications;
  • assets and investments in other countries or states;
  • unwanted exposure risks or significant spousal support; or
  • dramatic, combative behaviors of the spouses.

Complex divorce matters are most commonly found in the middle class. Entrepreneurs working closely with other businesses, even partnerships held within the marriage, represent a separate layer of consideration for all concerned.

Divorce becomes more complex with each element for consideration beyond joint homeownership, property distribution and issues relating to children of the marriage.

Much of the valuation and investigative process in complex divorce is undertaken by forensic accountants and business valuation experts. In such cases, preparation and presentation of the underlying case to experts in highly specialized areas is intrinsically important. To be effective, your attorney must be familiar with, and understand a wide variety of legal and financial issues, and possess access to top experts in the fields necessary to decipher and unravel complex financial situations. In fact, many times the financial side of high-net worth divorce will be decided based on what these experts are able to find. This is so important that many times the entire financial side of your divorce boils down to a battle of these experts, and what they are able to uncover.

Recognizing the factual and legal issues presented in many divorce cases with large marital estates are complex, Howard and his staff specialize in handling only those kinds of cases. He is frequently associated by other counsel to assist in complex divorce cases, especially those involving the valuation and analysis of large marital estates, and those involving closely held businesses and professional practices.

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