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Types of Adoption

Image of babies from all races denoting adoption.

Open vs. Closed Adoptions Adoptions can be either open or closed. In a closed adoption the identify of the biological parents remains annonymous. In an open adoption the biological parent identify is known. In addition, other background and medical information is disclosed to the adopting parents. The parties also may meet one another, and can remain…

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Preparing for your Consultation

Image depicting drowning in paperwork, scattered forms with one person pulling another out from under it

CONSIDER USING OUR ONLINE BANKRUPTCY EVALUATION Thank you for your inquiry regarding your financial difficulties. At our initial consultation we will discuss what action, if any, might be appropriate in your situation, and we will also agree upon a fee arrangement. There is no charge for the initial consultation. Please bring with you to the…

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Reaffirmation Agreements

Image of forms and miscellaneous paperwork on a wood desk.

During the course of a bankruptcy proceeding, Debtors are quite often presented with the opportunity to sign a Reaffirmation Agreement. A Reaffirmation Agreement essentially takes a debt out of the bankruptcy discharge and “re-ups” the debt, so that whatever debt is involved does not “go through” the bankruptcy. A typical reaffirmation agreement is in connection…

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